Interel Room Automation

Designed and engineered in Italy, Interel is a leading manufacturer of online in-room automation and energy conservation systems for the global hospitality market.

Interel Control Solution

Room Control

The INTEREL Room Control Unit is the core of the Guest Room Management System. It supports programmable logic for lighting, dimming, music volume, curtain control, thermoregulation, occupancy sensors and other control functions to meet all design, guest experience and project requirements. It also allows for a modular setup with the use of expansion modules.

Online Room Solution

  • PMS Integrated
  • Access Control via Zigbee
  • Hotel Operation Management Apps

Energy Management

  • Pre-set Room Temperature
  • Fast-Cool on Check In
  • Occupancy Control
  • Eco Setting via Delta Logic
  • Room Check Out Control
  • Monitoring and Control Through Web Interface

Interel Room Automation

Control Panels

All panels can be custom designed to meet brand or specific design requirements.

A typical design would incorporate an outside panel, entrance panel and thermostat panel with additional panels added dependent on requirements and features.

An example are some of the bedside panels:

Interel Bedside Panels

Interel Thermostat Control Panel

  1. Highly resistant 4mm tempered glass
  2. Black background colour, white icons with blue backlighting
  3. Custom colours are available to match design requirements
  4. Extractable connectors for easy installation and maintenance
  5. Multi-standard wall mounting
  6. Dimmable luminosity
  7. Modular built for multiple configurations of 2 of the following:
    • Digital inputs
    • Powered inputs
    • Speaker outputs (bell chime and extension)
    • Secondary RS485 bus