790 RFID Electronic Lock

The 790 features a contactless card reader that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to ensure guest safety and operational efficiency.

Ilco 790 RFID Electronic Lock

This lock is designed to operate with ILCO's standalone FDU (Front Desk Unit) or the web-based ATLAS system. It is ready to interface with the property's PMS (Property Management System) with an automatic cancellation of previous guests keycards to ensure privacy and security.

The contactless security feature reads keycards/fobs/wristbads when presented to the lock. Hotel Managers can track employee movements by auditing the staff keycards. Management only need access to an "audit keycard" to interrogate a lock. The infra-red communications link and all-metal heavy duty mortise and cylindrical locksets have a drainage system designed to prevent internal condensation build-up.



  • Operates with reliable, easy to use radio frequency identification (ISO14443, MiFare)
  • Keys are not susceptible to demagnetisation.
  • Locks can be audited by using a "Lock Audit Keycard"
  • Read-write technology - the staff keycard carries the audit information.
  • Choice of keycards, fobs or wristbands.


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Feature Details
Key Type RFID
Construction Cast Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel (internal)
Concealed Key Override Optional
Door Thickness 35mm to 66mm
BLE Option
Privacy Feature Optional
Weight 3.8kg
Operating Equipment
Front Desk Unit (FDU)
Saflok 6000 -
Saflok Messenger -
** More specification are available in the brochure.



Satin Chrome
Satin Brass
Ocean Front