Enkoa Energy Savers

Vintech Systems offers the most comprehensive range of In-Room Energy Control Systems, which ensures power within a guests room is operable when a guest is present or powering down when the room is vacant.  Our systems are activated by electronic door key right up to fully automated systems that detect when the guest has left the room.

Enkoa Key Operated iSwitch

Key Operated iSwitch

The Intelligent iSwitch Energy Saver offers complementary features in order to optimise the performance within any accommodation room.

What makes the iSwitch so intelligent is that it reads the information on the card to ensure that it's a valid card of the specific property operating the power within the room.

After removing the card from the unit, a pre-configured courtesy time continues operation, allowing the guest to leave the room.

By using an intelligent Energy saver you ensure that only the guest room cards you supply to your guests are used to power the room.


Automated Energy Saving

In addition to the iSwitch unit, biometric sensors can be configured wirelessly to communicate with the iSwitch to determine room occupancy and provide even great energy savings.

The primary sensors consist of a volumetric sensor to detect motion in the room and door and window sensors to detect and react to the room door, a balcony door or a window being opened.

The reaction of any given scenario can be configured to suit the hotels requirements either providing a courtesy time to allow the guest time to duck out to check the views from the balcony to strict cutoff when conflicting conditions are met, for example a window is opened while the air conditioning is operational.

These sensors can be configured to both key operated and cardless iSwitches.

Cardless iSwitches work in conjunction with biometric sensors, the guest can skip right past inserting their key into the iSwitch when entering the room with full automation dependent on biometric readings.  In fact the iSwitch unit can be mounted on a wall or inside a ceiling out of sight.

Enkoa Motion Sensor


Features Key Operated iSwitch Cardless iSwitch
Voltage 240V 240V
Relays 1 or 2 1 or 2
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Keycard Operation -
Motion Detection Optional
Window Sensors Optional
Door Sensors Optional