Ilco Atlas

The ILCO ATLAS (Advanced Technology Lodging Access System) is an intuitive web-based access management system, designed for small boutique style hotels to large-scale, full service resorts that need to have a better control over their back office operations and that can rely on a system to provide secure access to their premises and accurate historical audit info.

Ilco Atlas

Hotel IT Infrastructures can be complex. There are many systems that must all inter-operate, such as property management systems (PMS), point-of-sales systems (POS), and self check-in kiosks to name a few. Your access control system must integrate with these existing systems, making the guests feel comfortable and ensuring that your staff are productive - all while being able to adapt to future business needs.

For decades, ILCO has dedicated significant research and development resources to designing comprehensive access control systems specifically for the unique needs of the hotel industry. Combining advanced technology with superior hardware and unparalleled support, ATLAS is the optimum choice for uncompromising hotel security with the Ilco locks.

Most importantly, the ATLAS is an intuitive web based user interface with full online help that ensures ease of use & implimentation of data. It is cost effective in that there is no need for capital expenditure and outlay - it relies on existing IT infrastructure with no additional cabling.

  • Connectivity between systems - PMS & Kiosks at no extra fees
  • Scalable & Customisable - Unlimited number of encoders and workstations
  • Compatible with RFID technology - Guests will love the user friendliness of the 790 RFID Lock



System Requirements

Server System Requirements
** Note - should be a dedicated server
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008-2012
Hardware Dual Core or greater CPU, 8gb+ RAM, 100gb available hard disk space
PMS A serial port is required for serial PMS connectivity
Network A network connection is required. The server must be on the hotel network with a static IP address or server name recognised by DNS.
Client Workstation Requirements
Operating System Vista Business, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8, Windows 10
Hardware Dual core CPU, 4gb+ RAM, 10gb of available hard disk space
Note Home Edition versions of the operating system are not suited to Atlas