Ilco Front Desk Unit (FDU)

Accelerate the check-in process and reduce training time with the most user-friendly access control system in the industry! An intuitive user interface designed to meet hotel industry's needs makes the FDU so easy to use that your front desk personnel will only need minimal training.

Ilco Front Desk Unit (FDU)

The Front Desk Unit (FDU) is the "all-in-one" self contained brain of the stand-alone lock system. Hotel and Accommodation staff will use the FDU to perform multiple functions. This flexible system can be used both as an encoder unit and as lock programming unit.

The fully portable unit contains an internal battery backup in the event of a power failure. The FDU can be hooked up to any standard parallel port printer to provide a system audit report.


The stand-alone FDU does it all :

  • encodes keycards
  • tracks keycard data
  • programs locks
  • maintains locks
  • audits locks