Indel B Absorbtion Minibars

Meet the absorption minibar, where tradition and innovation coexist as they were designed to completely eliminate noise during times of rest and sleep.

Indel B Drink 60 Minibar

Drink Plus is a new line of absorption minibars designed by Indel-B. The new Drink Plus line incorporates a new level of innovation in the units design. Increased insulation and the latest technology used to release the gases allow the cooling system to operate in a manner making for considerable savings in terms of daily energy consumption.

Design has always been a fundamental element for Indel-B since it was founded in 1960, and this is reflected in the new Drink Plus line



Name Drink 30 Drink 40 Drink 60
Capacity 30 Litres 40 Litres 60 Litres
Cooling Technology Absorbtion Absorbtion Absorbtion
Door Type Solid Solid Solid
Door Lock Option
Power 75W 75W 75W
Consumption per 24hrs 0.546kWh 0.623kWh 0.710kWh
Width (mm) 385 400 490
Height (mm) 520 553 570
Depth (mm) 400 470 485