Indel B Minibars

Vintech Systems are suppliers of a wide range of minibar systems from stand alone units to wireless controlled systems.

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Indel B K35 Minibar

Compressor Minibars

Indel B is proud to introduce the most advanced solution which grants absolute quietness and an extremely low energy consumption. As a matter of fact, these minibars are the ones in energy efficiency class A++. They are environment-care designed and at the same time they grant a significant economic saving.

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Indel B Drink Series Minibar

Absorbtion Minibars

Meet the absorbtion minibar, where tradition and innovation coexist as they were designed to completely eliminate noise during times of rest and sleep.

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Indel B K50 Drawer Minibar

Drawer Minibars

The new Drawer compressor minibar KD50 Smart has an elegant design and it is customisable according to the customers’ needs. It allows the operators to play with it and to place it in unusual or reduced spaces creating alternative solutions, with an innovative design.

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Indel B FLYINGBAR Wall Mounted Minibar

Wall Mounted Minibars

The new FLYINGBAR combines Indel B’s well-established Smart Technology with a next generation Italian design, by using the energy saving cooling system.

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