Say goodbye to key and keycard management - Forever!

The Oracode system is an efficient, secure, effective and economical access solutions. This unique keyless and cardless system is an electronic pin based lock that grants access through a time sensitive code.

Ilco Oracode 660 Electronic Lock

Oracode online locks are the perfect solutions for property managers who look for interactions from their desk or with their mobile devices.


  • Ideal for vacation rental homes, corporate housing, and conference rooms
  • Time-sensitive user codes are generated via secure website


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Feature Details
Key Type Code Generated Online
Concealed Key Override
Door Thickness 35mm to 64mm
BLE Option -
Privacy Feature Optional
Weight 3.6kg
Operating Equipment
Front Desk Unit (FDU) -
Atlas -
Saflok 6000 -
Saflok Messenger -
Complete Online Management
** More specification are available in the brochure.


Standard Finishes

Satin Chrome
Satin Brass
Ocean Front