Safemark MIWA High Security Key Override System

Safemark's safes are designed with security in mind and offer an optional MIWA High Security Key Override System behind a hidden face plate.

Concealed behind a plate, the cylinders are customized to each property with a unique pinning code. Unlike skeleton keys, the high security keys cannot be easily copied and additional keys are only available from the manufacturer with proper authority. The lock is virtually pick proof and cannot be bumped.

LS7 Cylinder from MIWA

High security cam lock with special key change mechanism has superior operational performance and anti-picking due to sidebar technology. A cost effective approach, keys can be reprogrammed over and over again, without the need to replace the body.

Patented LS7 Features

  • Superior operational performance and anti-picking due to the use of sidebar technology
  • Key codes can be changed on the fly with a simple turn of the old and then the new change keys
  • Easy operation of keys with almost no binding on insertion and removal,thus reducing key wear and extending product life
  • Both Keys and Locks can be serial stamped for simple tracking and auditing
  • When changing the key code on the lock, the tail and cam remain in the locked position, thus maintaining security and improving efficiency