Saflok System 6000

SAFLOK's System 6000 provides the security of an access audit system, and is the ultimate in key management flexibility and superior control.

Saflok System 6000

This Windows based system is ready to interface with your existing property management system (PMS) and is completely customisable to best suit your propertys specific needs. System 6000 is compatible with all current SAFLOK locks such as the MT, Odyssey and the Quantum Series.

Features & Benefits

  • Numerous username and password protection levels available - management, security, front desk staff.
  • Expediant lost/stolen key cancellation and replacement
  • Keycard progammabillity customised to each users access authorisation
  • Integrates with point-of-sale (POS) and other third party applications.
  • Provides detailed system-use reports, including: key making transactions and key user/group authorisations.
  • Key Identification, Verification & Interrogation Features; can identify the key type, user (if possible) issue and expiration dates, and ID and generates key-use reports (smart/meory cards only).
  • Lock Programmer Interrogator (LPI) and handheld devices are used by staff as tools to enahnce access, programming and reporting of lock activity.

Keycard Features

SAFLOK's System 6000 includes the following standard key groups: Limited-use keys, Fail-Safe keys (automatically cancel out previous keys), Back up Keys, Dual-Security Keys, Latching/Unlatching keys, Emergency Keys, Guest Room, suite and connector keys and Staff Keys.


System Requirements

Server System Requirements
Operating System Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
Hardware Quad Core 2Ghz or greater CPU, 16gb RAM, 100gb available hard disk space
Virtual Machine Virtual environments are supported with the same resources as standalone machine
Network If more than one machine will be running Saflok a configured TCP/IP network is required
Encoders Encoders can be connected via USB or network (Subject to model)
Hand Held Device HH5 models connect via serial port, HH6 models connect via USB
PMS Serial PMS requires one additional serial port, TCP/IP interface support is available
Client Workstation Requirements
Operating System Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Hardware Multicore CPU, 8gb+ RAM, 10gb of available hard disk space
Encoders Encoders can be connected via USB or network (Subject to model)
Hand Held Device HH6 models connect via USB
** More specification are available in the brochure.