Saflok Messenger

The Saflok Messenger LENS system is ideal for hotels seeking the ultimate in security and guest experience while maximizing operational efficiency. The wireless online system offers a two-way communication between the front desk and the hotels electronic locks.

Saflok Messenger LENS

SAFLOK Messenger is a bi-directional wireless communication network. It converts stand-alone, battery operated door locks into a communication device (to and from the lock), to a designated server to streamline security procedures and maximise staff efficiency.

It is an ideal link between sending and receiving real-time messages. With a broad range of functionality, Messenger expidites enhanced guest convenience, reduces expenses and conserves staff time.

With the use of the ZeegBee Prostack (not Residential) Protocol, the Messenger System communicates in a proven manner.


With Saflok Messenger LENS, you can:

  • Send lock commands directly from the front desk
  • Receive lock alerts & notifications
  • Share lock Information with third party systems