Bartech Automated Minibars

It is a modern day requirement and expectation that minibars and their contents are a part and parcel of in-room service. From the Hotelier's perspective, this is not always a bonus. Maintaining and checking stock and usage is labour intensive, with staff manually having to record information accurately to avoid; but not necessarily prevent; stock and revenue losses, walkout and theft.

Bartech Solid Door

Bartech's main goal is to reinvent the mini-bar within the hotel room by combining state-of-the-art technology with an innovative design.

Environmental considerations share top priority with our technological inventiveness and represent an integral part of our business practice.


The automated minibars and e-trays are ideal for the following reasons:

  • Provides real time, up-to-date information about stock levels, guest purchases and it reduces the denials, walk-outs and non-checked DND rooms hotels currently experience with the manual system
  • Achieve real time reporting to hotel front office systems about the time and date in which an item was purchased. This information is directly recorded onto a guests account, through PMS interfaces.
  • Produce reports of out-of-date stock, ensuring that you’re establishment is constantly aware of stock that is passing its use-by date and requires replacement.

Bartech Glass Door

Bartech eTray

Bartech provides different types of external or integrated dry sections (e-trays) for the electronic management of non-refrigerated products. External dry sections increase the visibility of your in-room product offering and foster higher impulse sales. All Bartech dry sections are monitored by the Bartech system software for precise control and revenue generation.

Bartech Specifications

Capacity 40 Litres 55 Litres 65 Litres 75 Litres
Cooling Technology Compressor Compressor Compressor Compressor
Door Type Solid or Glass Solid or Glass Solid or Glass Solid or Glass
Custom Door Option
Product Locations 32 41 41 23 and Guest
Big Bottle Balcony Available - -
Width (mm) 400 450 450 520
Height (mm) 570 570 650 570
Depth (mm) 485 485 485 485